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Crystal Hanger Cleaners rug cleaning service is here to make sure that your rugs stay free of dirt, mud, stains, food, and dust mites that will accumulate from regular foot traffic.

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A beautiful and vibrant rug can be the anchor of a house, and can add life and energy to an otherwise boring space. The sad truth is that rugs are magnets for picking up and holding on to stains and dirt. Stains from your pets, food stains from your kids, wine stains from a dinner party, and mud stains from regular foot traffic. Crystal Hanger Cleaners rug cleaning experts have seen it all and know precisely what needs to be done to make sure your rug is stain and dust-mite free.

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You can rest easy knowing that your rug is in good, capable hands at Crystal Hanger Cleaners. Before we start to clean your rug we perform a color-fastness test to make sure that we’re using the right cleaning method for your rug. This ensures that there is no chance of dye bleeding or damage being caused to your rug. Our rug experts, with their decades of experience and knowledge, know that every rug is different and type of cleaning needed differs as well. This is why we offer such a large range of rug cleaning options to our customers.

Types of rugs we can clean:

  • Handmade oriental rugs
  • Karastans
  • Kilims
  • Dhurries
  • Tufted rugs
  • Synthetic rugs
  • Bound carpets
  • Walk-in mats
  • Stair runners

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