Professional Tailoring and Alterations

More than just cleaning your clothes

we can repair and alter them as well!

Crystal Hanger Cleaners has expert tailors who have over 25 years of experience in repairing damaged garments. Whether your article of clothing needs a hem, has a rip or tear, is missing buttons, has a broken zipper, or needs any other major alteration, our tailors can handle them all!

Bringing new life

To your clothes

Does your favorite shirt have a small tear, or are those new jeans just a tad too long for you? Crystal Hanger Cleaners’ tailors can mend any hole or blemish, as well as providing your clothing with a perfect fit that will make it look like your clothes were custom tailored for you. Whether it’s a formal suit or an airy summer dress, our tailors have the years of experience to make any garment fit you – perfectly!

helping you look

your best

Crystal Hanger Cleaners’ experienced and knowledgeable tailors can expertly handle minor repairs and complete alterations.

What our tailors can do:

  • Shorten/lengthen sleeves
  • Alter cuffs
  • Hem pants, skirts, dresses and outerwear
  • Take in jackets, shirts, dresses, pants and jeans
  • Adjust the shoulders of a coat or jacket
  • Mend coat linings
  • Replace zippers and buttons
  • Repair holes or tears

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